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9006 35W 8000K HID Xenon Car Lights Bulbs (Pair)
9006 35W 8000K HID Xenon Car Lights Bulbs (Pair)
9006 35W 8000K HID Xenon Car Lights Bulbs (Pair)
9006 35W 8000K HID Xenon Car Lights Bulbs (Pair)
9006 35W 8000K HID Xenon Car Lights Bulbs (Pair)
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9006 35W 8000K HID Xenon Car Lights Bulbs (Pair)

$15.99 USD
It is well known that changes your auto lights is an excellent way of customizing your vehicle, this xenon lamp will a perfect alternative for your car. It is easy to attach HID bulb to the original lamb hole, even stick ballast or connect the power. It features low power consumption which can reduce the burden of vehicle electrical systems. This xenon lamp with 3200Lm has higher brightness and color temperature than halogen light bulbs.
  • New product with high quality
  • Give more visibility when driving at night
  • Power saving, long service life
  • Waterproof and dustproof HID meets the high standards of product quality
  • Compact modular design for easy installation, only need attach HID bulb to the original lamb hole, stick ballast and connect the power
  • The combination of more light output and wide beam will potentially increase safety for you
  • The color temperature of xenon lamp is close to the daylight´s, it is comfortable to human eyes
  • The luminous for xenon lamp is three times of halogen headlights, energy conservation
  • The life span of xenon lamp is more than 3200 hours
  • Xenon lamps have enhanced durability and shock resistance compared to coil in bulb
  • This xenon lamps with 35W power will bring you the unprecedented comfortable when driving, and help to prevent accidents
  • This HID xenon lamp is not tungsten filament and lighten up by the high-voltage electrical stimulation, greatly enhance the life span of lamp
  • HID lamps with good color temperature will improve the performance of a car
Material UV-CUT crystal quartz glass
Model Number 9006
Color Temperature 8000K
Luminous Flux 3200LM
Power Consumption 35W
Service Life More than 3200 hours (10 times as long than halogen bulbs)
Working Temperature -40~ +105°C
Compatibility Car, motorcycle, electric motor car
Package Includes
  • 2 x 9006 35W 8000K HID Xenon Car Lights Bulbs (Pair)

There are different types of car lamps with different light color available for you:

Lamps Name Light color
High Beam Light White
Dipped Headlight
Backup Light
Front Marker Light
License Plate Light
Turn Signal Light Amber
Side Marker Lamp
Front Fog Lamp White or Yellow
Fog Tail Light Red
Brake Lamp
Rear Position Lamp
Warning Triangle
Clearance Lamps Or Outline Marker Lamps White and Red

The Kelvin Scale:

Color temperature is a kind of visible light that has important applications in lighting. The color temperature of a light source is the temperature of an ideal black-body radiator that radiates light of comparable hue to that of the light source. Color Temperature is a measurement in Degrees Kelvin that indicates the hue of a specific type of light source, the symbol of unit is K.


3000K yellow Strong penetrating power
4200K white with yellow Original xenon lights
5000K white Highest color temperature
6000k white Slightly blue
6500K Sunlight
7000-8000K white with blue
8000K above blue Poor penetratin power

Different color temperature light of source also offer different light color, it will bring you a different feeling:
  • Higher color temperatures (5000K or more) are "cold", color is green to blue.
  • Moderate temperature (3000-5000K) are "cool", color is white.
  • Lower color temperatures (2700-3000K) are "warm", color is yellow to red.

The installation steps of Xenon lamp
  • 1. First, open your car hood and turn off the power
  • 2. Check whether the model of headlights correspond with your car
  • 3. Remove the original vehicle lamps and circuit wiring
  • 4. Drill a hole (About 25 mm diameter) in the middle of the rear cover of the headlamp with a hole saw used for the leading-in of Xenon lamp wire
  • 5. Take apart the safety tube of xenon lamp
  • 6. Put the xenon bulb into the headlamp unit and lead out high voltage wires from the hole, and cover the hole with rubber ring in order to prevent water and dust into the headlamps
  • 7. Fixed the ballast in the right place with screws or mounting bracket, and the best installation location is away from the car engine, such as the side or below of Headlamps and bumper
  • 8. Connect the high-voltage line of ballast with the xenon bulb
  • 9. Connected to 12V power wire and control line, the red one is positive and the black is negative

Advantages of HID Xenon Conversion Kits:
  • 1. Brighter
    HID Xenon Lamp is three times the light output of traditional halogen lamp, two times the irradiation distance
  • 2. Safer
    HID Xenon Lamp provides broader and clearer visual field, removes the dangers of driving in darkness
  • 3. Longer Life Time
    The life time of HID lamp reaches more than 3000h, 8 times of traditional halogen lamp
  • 4. Lower Power Consumption
    HID lights will be environment friendly. Power of normal HID lamp is only 30W or 35W. You will get "cool" lights instead of "hot" lights

Handling Precautions
  • 1. In order to secure installation, please wait for cars and engine cool completely
  • 2. Please make sure the gear is in neutral before installation
  • 3. Please make sure the switch is closed when installing
  • 4. Be careful not to get burnt when switch the car lamp
  • 5. Be careful not to beat and scratch the bulb
  • 6. Don´t touch the bulb with your fingers, because it will leave stain on bulb
  • 7. Please check connector, Interface port and the wire connection, because the wrong connections will cause lighting problems
  • 8. Please don´t let the bulb terminal access to the internal lens hood of headlight assembly
  • 9. Please drill a hole (25 mm) in the resin or rubber back cover of the headlamp
  • 10. Please make sure the polarity is correct for the connection between bulb and High-voltage starter
  • 11. Please make sure the polarity is correct for the connection between ballast and power source